Naturoma Room Sanitiser FAQs

How does Naturoma work?

Naturoma contains a unique gel made of 100% natural, organic ingredients and a proprietary blend of essential oils by San Air™. The oils are slowly released into the atmosphere to sanitise and deodorise the air. Naturoma effectively controls airborne bacteria and other microorganisms resulting in safer, healthier air to breathe indoors, free from unpleasant odours from mould and mildew.

Take the plastic cap off the container and remove safety seal. Replace the cap and adjust the vents to the desired intensity of aroma.

How long does it last?

Each container lasts between 4-6 weeks and benefits from dispersal by fan or air conditioner. Naturoma has finished working when the aroma disappears and when you shake the container and the hardened gel rattles.

Where can I use Naturoma?

Naturoma can be placed in the wardrobe, shoe cupboard, bedside table, office, kitchen, under sinks or in cupboards, near washing machine, garages, around window sills, campervan, mobile home or boat, aircraft seat pocket when you fly or wherever there is unpleasant odours or mould and mildew.

Is it safe for children?

Children suffering from congestion, airborne bacteria or mould can have Naturoma on their bedside table to help sanitise the air while they sleep. Keep out of reach of young children and pets. Not for human consumption.

What if I suffer with allergies?

If you have respiratory allergies start with just two vents open and build up to all five vents open. See your health professional for nutritional and environmental support for allergies.

Will Naturoma help If I have mould illness?

Naturoma can help improve indoor air quality and can be used alongside mould remediation techniques. It is essential to find the source of moisture that encourages mould growth and professionally remove mouldy affected areas of the house, as well as fix leaks and any plumbing issues. Sunlight, turning on fans, opening windows and allowing fresh air to circulate will help kill mould.

For further information about mould illness an mould remediation please visit and