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Hair Mapping

Australia’s ONLY Postal Hair Mapping Service 

To support our Australian practitioners to assist their clients with the current social distancing measures – you may be interested to know we have Australia’s only registered postal hair mapping service.

Not the standard mineral hair test but a test that covers an extensive range of health variables, more than just a mineral analysis. Practitioners who are already experiencing the benefit of this service state they have higher levels of client satisfaction, by gaining an insight into the environmental factors impacting on your clients health.

The simple 4 step process below explains how the service works.

The process


  • Sign up as a hair mapping practitioner. We will then supply you with a stock pile of radiation proof sample bags to place your clients hair sample in.


  • Take clients hair sample
    – Place in bag provided
    – Clearly mark the bag with the clients Name, D.O.B and address (so we know who the hair belongs to)


  • Express post the hair sample to us the same day in an express post envelope.


  • We then process the hair sample on the day of arrival and email you the results within 24 hours.


Wholesale $110 per hair sample | R.R.P $175

With a better insight and greater knowledge of the environmental factors effecting your client, professional advice and the charts provided in the report make the underlying factors easier to present to the client.

The more you use this hair mapping tool the more you will uncover about emerging patterns and how the environment we are now living in influences our health.

View sample report here


To ask questions on hair mapping for your business CLICK HERE or watch below a great overview of hair screening that your customers can follow