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Mould Prevention with Naturoma

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Mould Prevention with Naturoma

Feb 21 2018

Updated March 23, 2018 12.24pm

On the east coast, northern Australia and the tropics we are no strangers to mould particularly after many years of floods. Of course, wherever there is damp, moisture and a food source mould can hangout, indoors and out.

Moulds are part of the fungi family along with mushrooms and yeast. When you wander through a rainforest you can smell nature’s great decomposers—fungi. But inside your home and your pantry you might not always see or even smell mould and you definitely don’t want it in your food and in your home.

Why is mould such a health problem?

Moulds produce some of the most toxic substances, called mycotoxins. These chemicals compete with our gut bacteria and encourage the growth of parasites and overgrowth of yeasts like Candida. The gut and liver have to work overtime to detoxify and remove them from the body.

Moulds release spores into the atmosphere that can impact on our living spaces too.

According to Nicole Bijlsma, Building Biologist, mould affects almost 1 in 3 Australian homes and can have devastating consequences on the lives of susceptible people living in them.

About 25% of people have a genetic makeup which means they don’t produce antibodies and can’t clear mould toxins out of the body. “So every time these people are in a mould affected water damaged building they get sick!” This also can explain why some people get sick and others don’t.

And it is normally never one thing that causes illness. Rather than just one microbe, it is the chemical stew of bacteria and fungi and the toxins they produce coupled with a weak immune system, that can cause severe inflammation.

Symptoms linked to mould illness

  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Reduced immunity—repeated colds and coughs, sinus, pneumonia, lung conditions
  • Brain fog, memory loss, depression, vertigo
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Fibromylagia
  • Lyme-like disease

You might have heard of sick building syndrome. Most building materials of homes as well as their contents—our clothes and soft furnishings—are the perfect fast food for mould. You only need mould to grow on the surface for 48 hours and, voila you have a mould house party attempting to take over the space.

A natural, safe preventative

Enter the Naturoma, a natural sanitising gel which lasts 4-6 weeks and proven to effectively control bacteria and mould in your home, office or car.

Research by University of NSW, shows a kill rate of 99% of bacteria and mould within half hour of exposure to Naturoma. After 24 hours the result is microbiologically safer air for people to breathe indoors. As an added bonus, trials also proved its effectiveness in killing mosquitos. Rooms with a Naturoma are less likely to have both mould AND mosquitos, a blessing in the summer humidity.

“We wouldn’t travel on a plane or stay in a hotel room without Naturoma. It’s my secret weapon to preventing the ‘travel-flu’.” Brooke

Mould Prevention with Naturoma

Naturoma is a unique, proprietary mix of selected Australian Certified Organic essential oils formulated into a gel that has a powerful antimicrobial impact. It gently improves indoor air quality reducing mustiness. No need to suffocate people or the environment with harmful aerosols.

“I keep one in my wardrobe to prevent the musty smells and mould from my clothes, shoes and handbags.” Cheryl

Put Naturoma in your bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen—especially under sinks or near your washing machine, in the car, garage, around windows. Increase the circulation of the Naturoma with fans. Fix the source of any leaking moisture or damp. Open curtains and windows to allow fresh air to circulate and sunlight to beam in and help diminish the mould-loving environments.

Naturoma targets mould outside your body. Find out how to remove mould and fungus inside the body with The Complete Parasite Kit™. For more information contact The Gut Helpline on (07) 554 66 086.

For further information or questions about this product, contact us.

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