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Probiotic Foods: More than just a probiotic

Mar 27 2017

Our label says Probiotic Foods, but there is far more to these blends than what you read on the label.

There is no room on the label to show that all the Certified Organic foods have been fermented for more than three weeks by a super-culture of probiotics.

There is no room to show how by going through this fermentation process, all the foods on the label are now more easily absorbed. Which in turn means the released vitamins, amino acids and minerals have a greater chance to get to the cells where they are needed.

There is no room to say that over 20 years of research has created the best nutritionally released product in the world. With a continually expanding range of blends and capsules to suit the entire family.

With this in mind, please advise your customers to only use as little as 1/8th of a teaspoon when first taking these powerful, functional foods. Many people may not have experienced nutrition at this level. The aim is to slowly educate the body to receive quality nutrition.

What is also not apparent from our label is that the mother culture contains over 12 strains of beneficial bacteria, and has been cultured for more than 30 years. Our probiotics were originally cultured from food, not dairy, or faecal matter, nor made in a laboratory. They are uniquely resilient to heat (55ºC) and cold (0º) compared to commercially bred laboratory-raised bacteria.

Probiotic Foods blends and capsules do not need to be refrigerated and will survive in a cool dark place as the probiotics are alive in their own prebiotic food supply.

You can stock Probiotic Foods with the confidence that they do not contain additives or anything artificial—they are simply a source of wholefood energy.